Onguard Pitbull 8005 DT Review – 2019 – 2020

Features: 14mm Ultra Hardened Steel Shackle – Ultra Hardened Reinforced Crossbar – Anti-Rattle Bumpers – Quattro Bolt Locking Mechanism – Integrated Dust Cover – 5 Laser Cut Keys – Tube Mounting Bracket – 120cm Cable – 1.9kg


  • Incredibly robust lock.
  • Comes with a cable for extra security.
  • Locks in 4 places.
  • Comes with a mounting bracket.


  • The lock is heavy so is difficult to carry around all of the time.

The Design of the On-Guard Pitbull 8005

Having already tested and reviewed one of the On-Guard bike locks, we knew to expect good things. We were highly impressed with the Brute, so we were very surprised to be even more impressed with the On-Guard Pitbull 8005. To start with, there are a few differences in the design.

One of the issues that we had with the Brute is that the shackle, at 16.8mm thick, made the lock very bulky. This one is slightly smaller at 14mm but still feels very robust. The Pitbull shackle is made out of ultra-hardened steel so it is very strong indeed. As well as this, the crossbar is reinforced with ultra-hardened steel.

The interior of the lock is also reinforced and protects from twist and leverage attacks. The disc cylinder itself is pull, pick, and drill resistant, so you get maximum levels of security. The addition of the 120cm cable makes using this particular bike lock incredibly easy. Overall, the design is fantastic and even more so when you consider how inexpensive this lock actually is.

Using the On-guard Pitbull 8005

We had no issues at all when using the On-Guard Pitbull 8005. There were several things with the usage of this lock that really impressed us. First of all, there is the Quattro locking mechanism. This mechanism locks the shackle at 4 different points which really maximises security.

Another thing that we really liked about this bike lock is the anti-rattle bumpers. More often than not, when you bolt a lock of this type, the shackle will rattle against the cross bar. Thanks to the built in bumpers, this is not an issue with the Pitbull.

With the On-Guard Pitbull 8005, you get 5 laser cut keys with your lock. One of these keys has an LED micro torch which is ideal for using the lock at night. The cover over the keyway protects any dust or other debris from entering the lock itself, thus preventing any damage to the lock and causing it to malfunction.

The Portability of the On-Guard Pitbull 8500

In terms of portability, there are a few things to keep in mind with the On-Guard Pitbull 8500. First of all, with a shackle that is made out of ultra-hardened steel, you are not going to get a lightweight lock. At 1.9kg, the weight is pretty substantial.

We were able to carry it in a backpack without too much extra weight, but suspect that it would start to become a bit of a nuisance if you are making regular journeys and having to carry it. However, the Pitbull comes with a mount.

This tube mount is very easy to fit to your bike frame and is actually far more useful than we had anticipated. It rotates 360 degrees, so you are able to manipulate the lock into the optimum position so that you can prevent thieves from accessing it.

Overall, this is a bike lock that really impressed us. For those with a tight budget who want something incredibly durable, secure and reliable, the On-Guard Pitbull 8500 is definitely one to look into.

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