Kryptonite Evolution Mini Review

The Kryptonite Evolution Mini D (or U) lock is a favourite amongst bike messengers and hipsters.  It’s popularity is no doubt due to it’s combined size (3.25” x 5.5”) and strength.

The small size is perfect for filling the D of the lock with bike (see our guide – How to lock your bike) – any space left leaves an opportunity for a thief to get tools in and pop it open. …

Abus U-Mini 401 Lock Review

Abus, alongside Kryptonite have long been the leaders in the field of bicycle security and Abus have continued to assert their authority with the release of the great looking Abus U-Mini.

Available in red and yellow, this is aimed directly at competing with the Kryptonite Evolution Mini which has been popular with hipster bike couriers (and myself) for a number of years now.…

Keep your bike inside!

Keeping your bike indoors helps keep it out of view from predatory eyes. Leaving a bicycle locked up in any one place for an extended period of time is never recommended, especially overnight (even if it is right outside your door).