Abus Granit Extreme 59 U Lock Review

The Abus Granit Extreme 59 D lock is touted by Abus as ‘probably the toughest D lock money can buy’ which is a big claim if you consider how well the Kryptonite New York Fahgettaboudit Mini performs.

This lock is extreme in every sense, with a weight of nearly 3kg and costing over £120.  It is designed primarily for motorbike users, but cyclists use it too in high risk areas.

The Granit Extreme comes with no mounting bracket, but I doubt you would want one considering the weight.  This lock is best transported in a rucksack.

The credentials of the lock cannot be questioned; a 16mm shackle which is less than the 18mm of the Fahgettaboudit but performed just as well in tests, a double locking mechanism which means two cuts would be required to remove the lock rather than the one of a single locking mechanism and a reported 1 million different key combinations to tackle lock picks.

BikeRadar.com tested this lock and had this to say:

Our first test, using the tools most often carried by bicycle thieves, left the eXtreme unmarked – it simply shrugged off any physical attacks.

When we took out the power tools for test two it took just shy of two minutes to cut through the shackle – but it’s worth knowing the amount of noise and sparks an angle grinder creates.

This lock is one of only 4 we recommend.  Don’t forget to check out the bike locking guide to help keep your bike safe.

LOCK YOUR BIKE score: 5/5

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