Abus Bordo 90cm Folding Bike Lock Review

The Abus Bordo folding lock is a lock with convenience in mind first, security second. It folds away nicely, but Bikeradar.commanaged to pop a rivet in 46 seconds, giving it just a 3/5 score. If you don’t leave your bike in high-risk areas and can lock your bike somewhere within eyesight while you quickly pop into a café, this may be the lock for you.

The articulated sections are fairly long, meaning that it can be more difficult to thread this lock around secure poles, trees and railings that you might first think, and, as we continue to find with many lock brackets, once mounted on your frame it can rattle around and make a hell of a noise when you’re cycling, which can prove to be very annoying. It is also surprisingly on the heavy side.

The build quality feels high, with a coating that helps prevent rust demonstrating good attention to detail, and its unusual design means that marauding chancers might be put off even attempting to lift your bike through lack of familiarity.

We’re not going to recommend this to people with very expensive bikes or those who will be locking their bike in particularly dodgy areas (although if combined with a chunkier lock it would work fine), but anybody who wants to hop off and on their bike quickly might find its compact folding design to be worth the security trade-off.

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Perfect level of convenience

When it comes to the AbusBordo 90cm Folding Bike Lock the biggest accent is placed on the convenience of the lock. This is a fully foldable bike lock that has been rated as supreme, for practicality. The best part is the fact it will require a very little of space and it can be stored on a bike, so it is perfect for those who ride their bicycles every day. When folded, it can fit into any pocket, if you don’t want to place it on your bike.

Silicone cover

An interesting advantage of this lock is the silicone cover that is astandard addition. It allows you to place the lock into the cover and mount it to your bike. The process is simple and requires literally 1 minute. Add the fact the lock itself has silicone covers in order to prevent damages to the paint and the hardware and you actually get a highly safe and functional bike lock. Addition: The silicone cover is completely resistant to the elements.

Premium cylinder

In order to prevent the manipulations, the manufacturer added a new cylinder. It is safer than the previous unit had to offer and it will require a lot more time in order to force unlock this lock. It is made from hardened steel, same as the rest of the lock, so it is strong and highly resistant to bolt cutters and other tools thief may use.

Available in different colors

The AbusBordo 90cm Folding Bike Lock is available in white, black and red colors, which is an interesting addition and perfect for demanding people, who want to have amatching lock. All the versions are made in the same way, from the same materials, so there are no differences in the construction and the strength. Even more, each one comes with matching cover, which makes it even more suitable for mentioned individuals.


  • Material: Hardened steel
  • Premium cylinder
  • Foldable
  • Silicone cover is included
  • Coating additions that eliminate the risk of damaging the paint on a bike
  • Steel bars: 5 mm
  • Soft touch properties


  • Foldable, can fit into any pocket
  • Practical, comes with a silicone cover
  • Easy to use
  • Available in different colors


  • May be difficult to use it when you want to secure a bike to a safety pole
  • Isn’t very safe
  • Rivets are weak link
  • Price is high


The AbusBordo 90cm Folding Bike Lock is safe, but not as much as other locks, so it cannot be recommended for very expensive bikes. It cannot be recommended for people who want to secure their bikes at different locations, using different objects. We will add that the price is high as well. However, there are some positive sides. If you are looking for a lock that can be used every day and you don’t want the ultimate safety, but you want convenience, this is a suitable lock! It is also available in different colors, so you can match it to your bike color.

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