Why you should secure everything on your bike

I spotted this on Percy Street, in London W1 this morning. What used to be a nice looking single-speed bike (I’d seen it locked there before) has been reduced to a sad looking frame. Everything removable has been removed. You can see how a Kryptonite Kryptoflex cable has easily been cut through to relieve the bike of it’s front wheel.

The only positive is that the Abus chain holding the frame to the Cyclehoop has either withstood attempts to break it, or deterred the thieves enough to not try. Unfortunately just securing the frame is not enough; you need to secure both back wheel/frame and front wheel/frame to something like the Cyclehoop for maximum security (see how to lock a bike guide).

If your saddle is not quick release enabling you to carry it (don’t ever leave it!) you can secure it with Pitlocks.

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